The girl who accidentally found mysterious machine. This machine was called "Mess to Cash" machine. It can turn mess into usable products. So the girl try to collect trash around the town and make money selling things. The inventor of the machine disappeared mysteriously. The girl need to find what happen to him because she need to upgrade this machine.

Game Guide: First you need to pickup all paper scraps from your room. If you miss one paper scrap the game will stuck. Then go to the market and sell papers. You can buy rubber gloves from tool maker if you sell all papers. When you get gloves you can collect plastic bag. You need respective tools to collect different kind of scraps.  You can upgrade your machine when you get blueprint. To get blueprint you need to complete task given by town peoples. Enjoy!

This is the entry of Weekly Game Jam 120.

Please Feel free to contact me if u found bugs, glitches and grammar error.

#WGJ #weeklygamejam #YGM


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I really like the idea! Also gameplay is kind of...satisfying.